YellowScan Surveyor LiDAR 5cm accuracy demo hosted by Juniper Unmanned and Pulse Aerospace

The Power of Integrated Capability – Less than 5cm accuracy demonstrated – Peaceful Valley – CO, USA

YellowScan develops tools for UAV Mapping. With our latest system, the Surveyor adapted for UAV surveying, you can gather in a few minutes a 3D image of your area, with a precision as high as 5 cm.

In this video, YellowScan applications engineer explains how to produce your georeferenced point cloud from your Surveyor LiDAR Scanning system. He also demonstrates the accuracy of the YellowScan UAV payload for aerial surveying. The software used to visualize the point cloud is an open-source software called CloudCompare.

After a decade of research and development, Pulse Aerospace is leading the charge in ushering a new age of unmanned aircraft systems. The Vapor combines the world’s most advanced flight control system with an FAA-compliant military grade unmanned helicopter for commercial, research and security applications. Pulse Aerospace’s Vapor delivers up to one hour of flight time with full payload of up to 4.5 kg on a single battery charge and enhanced flight stability over any other electric UAV helicopter on the market.

Juniper’s integrated approach to enterprise program management is designed to maximize the strengths of unmanned aircraft, system sensors, and data workflows. Their goal is to optimize operational efficiency and productivity. Juniper Unmanned also provides UAS operations support with Sparrow, a web-based flight management solution that helps firms manage all aspects of a commercial UAS program, including aircraft, flight personnel and government regulations. Experienced aviation, technical and business professionals dedicated to implementing safe, effective and compliant unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) programs for enterprise clients.

Tim Roorda, Director of Solutions Engineering, Juniper Unmanned
Tim Roorda, Director of Solutions Engineering, Juniper Unmanned
David White, COO, Juniper Unmanned
Aaron Lessig, CEO, Pulse Aerospace
Pierre d’Hauteville, Head of Sales & Marketing, YellowScan
Chris Jackson, UAS Trainer/Operator, Juniper Unmanned
Steve Walker, UAS Trainer/Operator, Juniper Unmanned
Pierre Chaponnière, Applications Engineer, YellowScan