Welcome to FotoWare – Your Data Asset Management Solution

Take control of your files in one easy-to-set solution. Enjoy a 5 minutes tour around the key functions of a DAM.

FotoWare DAM is right for you. With over two decades of building DAM with care in Norway we are now proudly managing a customer base in various industries:
– Picture desks – news media and publishing data solutions
– Retail and Manufacturing – improving efficiency and control over product images
– Digital Evidence Management – specialised solution for police
– Museums and Heritage – providing data solutions that optimize work with mission, assets and collections.

What can DAM do for you?
1. Control Your Marketing Materials – Your branded materials are under your control with DAM as now you have controlled over how are your assets used.
2. Organize Your Data – Turn files into assets with metadata, powerful search features, flexible access control, and from any device
3. Make your Organisation Workflow more Efficient and Automated – Helping your team collaborate better, use assets straight from your CMS and favorite software.
4. Build Your Digital World – because we provide you with a building tool and what you can take out of it is your imagination.

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