Traffic Powerline Review: Uncovering the Truth about TPL
Since its launch, Traffic Power Line has been making a lot of buzz on the social media and online marketing forums. It has caught the attention of many people, as they are continuously searching for answers of the questions, such as:
Is Traffic Power Line a scam or legit system?
Does the system live up to its promises?
Is it a good idea to start using Traffic Power Line?
What are the chances that it might fail to deliver what it promises?
Is there any way to validate Traffic Power Line’s authenticity?
These are quite common question that people want to be answered whenever a new system hits the market. Just like I have done before with many online money making systems, I am going to share my views about Traffic Power Line and at the end of the review, you will have answers to all of these questions.
Without any further ado, let’s see what is Traffic Power Line and answer all your questions.
Traffic Power Line: Company Overview
Traffic Power Line was launched July 4th, 2016, by Pearse Donnely, who is the co-founder and co-director of Mo Brabus Ltd. Traffic Power Line is basically a multi-level marketing platform where people associated with online marketing and online business owners come together to benefit one another with services related to digital marketing. In short, it is a marketplace for micro jobs where services are given at a cost as little as $4.50. The membership is free for all and doesn’t require customers to affiliate with Traffic Power Line in any way.
There are three main products of Traffic Power Line. They include Paid Web Traffic, E-Product Library, and Lead Generation System. Apart from this, freelancers can offer their own services to customers, which can be anything related to online marketing, such as video and animation, web designing and development, programming, and others.
The people using Traffic Power Line will fall in one of the following categories:
1. Customer: People who use this platform to buy services for their websites and marketing campaigns. They don’t have to pay any membership fee to use Traffic Power Line, but will be required to register to it for payment and transaction purposes.

2. Affiliated Seller: Freelancers who have skills related to online marketing and sell services to Customers, for which they can charge from anywhere between $4.50 and $500. Basically, they are the sellers who sell their own services to Customers. They don’t have to pay any membership fee to use Traffic Power Line, but they will also have to register to the platform.

3. Affiliated Reseller: They also sell services to customers, but they have no knowledge or skills related to online marketing. Affiliated Resellers use the Traffic Power Line services to sell them to customers, and also use them for promoting the platform. They need to spend $54, which will be the membership fee and will get 12 service credits for use.
The Traffic Power Line income plan is quite straightforward and is designed to fairly give rewards and bonuses to all the Affiliated Members. Let’s have a look at it.
Traffic Power Line Income Plan
After using the system myself, I was able to completely understand how Traffic Power Line pays its Affiliated Members. Here is what you get for selling the services or spending on Traffic Power Line services.
• You get the lion’s share of 85% of the revenue after selling services that you provide as a freelancer to customers.
• If you refer Traffic Power Line to other people and they join the platform through your recommendation, you can earn 10% from services that are sold by direct referrals.
• You can participate in the Community Reward System of Traffic Power Line, which offers multiple rewards. However, this is optional.
Moving on with the bonuses and rewards, when you opt for the third option, you are assigned Reward Centers in the either the Network Line or the Power Line or both. They contain bonus units that you get after selling services or opting for Traffic Power Line services in the following way.
• 3 bonus units for selling 4 personal services that are transferred to your Reward Center.
• 3 bonus units for selling 4 TPL services that are transferred to your Reward Center.
• 3 bonus units for purchasing 4 TPL services that are transferred to your Reward Center.
Here is how these bonus units can be changed into real money:
The Bonuses
The Traffic Power Line income plan includes 5 different bonuses that make your income grow substantially. They are as follows:
1. Personal Volume Bonus
• Up to $6.60 within 100 days if you collect 1 bonus unit daily.
• Up to $19.80 within 100 days if you collect 3 bonus units daily.
2. Contribution Bonus
It works pretty much the same way as Personal Volume Bonus, with the same amount of bonus.
Sales Commission
There are three different levels in this bonus