Traffic Powerline Review – The Reality behind TPL
Traffic Power Line generated a lot of buzz in the online marketing world the moment it set foot in the market. Due to the alluring offers and attractive bonus packages, people readily got interested in knowing whether Traffic Power Line is legit and safe option to start making money through it. Many marketing gurus who just took a ‘glance’ at how this system works and assumed that is a scam without even bothering to look at the technical aspects and the real working mechanism of Traffic Power Line.
Today, after reading this review, you will be able to see the reality behind Traffic Power Line and will be able to understand whether it is a scam or real deal. This Traffic Power Line review will also clear all your doubts regarding the common allegations people have unknowingly placed over it to tarnish its reputation before it could fully spread its wings.
However, the rumors can’t stop this system from reaching its full potential, and this review is an effort to spread the truth and debunk myths regarding Traffic Power Line and its workings. So without further wasting time, let’s start clearing all your doubts and help you make an informed decision to start using Traffic Power Line.
Company Overview
Traffic Power Line is an online freelancing portal, or can be called a micro jobs platform, that is specific to digital marketing niche. People from around the world looking for online marketing services can use this platform for getting a wide range of services at as low as $4.50. Here is a quick overview of the company:
• Business Name: Traffic Power Line
• Owner’s Name: Pearse Donnely (Co-founder and Co-director)
• Association: Mo Brabus Ltd
• Website:
• Membership Price: FREE
• Who can use it: Everyone
• Niche: Online Marketing
Let’s move on to things that really matter and will help you clear your doubts.
The TPL Products
Traffic Power Line offers several products, which the company calls as Traffic Power Line services. Some reviewers have written in their Traffic Power Line reviews that it doesn’t offer any real products. But in reality, it does have products which are in the form of services. There are three Traffic Power Line services:
1. E-Product Library
Traffic Power Line has an extensive e-product library that contains educational material and sets of tips and tricks related to different online marketing techniques. This library is set up to help newcomers and beginners by educating them with the latest marketing techniques that will enable them succeed online. They are a cost-effective way of kick starting your career as an online marketer and generating income by using Traffic Power Line as a freelancer.
2. Paid Website Traffic
Website traffic is crucial for any online business to survive in today’s cutthroat competition. Traffic Power Line has setup a system where they Affiliated Resellers use this service to provide customers with website traffic so that their Alexa ranking increases and their business becomes more visible to potential customers.
3. Lead Generation System
Another important factor that contributes to the success of an online business is lead generation. Traffic Power Line has a lead generation system that helps customers get potential leads for their business. Using this system, customers have a higher chance of converting potential leads into their clients, which will increase their sales and ultimately their bottom line.
The Payout and Bonuses
There are two ways Affiliated Sellers and Affiliated Resellers can make money through Traffic Power Line:
1. They can earn 85% of the revenues generated from selling their own services or using Traffic Power Line services, and also by getting 10% of the direct sales made from referrals.
2. The other way, which is also more lucrative, is activating the Community Reward System through which you can generate more income through bonus rewards. This income will be in addition to what you will get from the above option.
If you decide to go with the second option, here is how you are going to get more money in the form of bonuses and rewards.
For starters, when you activate the Community Reward System, you will be placed in the Network Line, with a Reward Center. This Reward Center will hold all your bonus units that will you get from making sales from your own services or from using Traffic Power Line services. For each service of worth $6, you get a bonus unit in your Network Line Reward Center. At a single time, you can have maximum 3 Reward Centers in the Network Line, with each having the limit of 600 bonus units and an expiry period of 100 days. The worth of each bonus unit is $0.005, which is keeps on accumulating in Line Bonus Pool.
If you decide that you want to refer this system to your friends, family members, or colleagues, and they start using through your