The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

Learn by Doing. SEO, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Google AdWords, Google Analytics & More!

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★★★★★ “Daragh delivers again! This must be the most comprehensive marketing course on Udemy. Highly recommended” – Steve Cooper

What’s Unique About This Course?

✔ Follow my proven formula. Watch me define my customer, build a new website from scratch and grow it to 4.5k visits & 1000 email subscribers in 30 days.

✔ Understand how 12 major marketing topics work together. Normally they are taught in isolation!

✔ Custom notes, checklists and templates to help stay organised and get results.

This course gives you clear cut actionable lectures, downloads & practices activities that will help grow your business (or future business!) online.

By The End of This Course You’ll…

✔ Have authority in your niche, a high converting website and a list of ready to buy email subscribers.

✔ Have multiple highly paid & in-demand marketing skills at your fingertips.

✔ Save hundreds, if not thousands by doing your marketing in-house rather than using an expensive agency.

If you implement the same steps as shown in the course, you’ll blow your competitors out of the water and soon be benefitting from increased traffic, conversions and sales.

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