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Pelican Drones shall make the next task, promotion, or development rise above others. FAA insured and compliant, Pelican Drones full-service creation features are suitable for multiple gulf shoreline industries. Whether you are considering amazing aerial picture taking or stunning digital video footage, Pelican Drones is preparing to provide an unparalleled aerial perspective.

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Pelican Drones has you protected. With comprehensive experience both in event coverage and corporate and business environments, we works hard in the field and behind the views to ensure the next company training video is of the best quality and supplied efficiently. Our experienced pilots and professional film crews, along with this in-house editors, all interact to make a smooth package deal that says the storyplot you want advised.

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We live experts in high-definition low-altitude videography & picture taking.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) include the latest hardware, including HD camcorders, gyro-stabilized gimbal camera mounting systems, and intensifying applications to find the shots and video footage that full-sized helicopters and aircraft’s cannot. A real-time training video downlink allows our clients to see the camera’s live perspective (POV) and go through the excitement to be co-pilot.

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While we focus on leading beach and real house presentations, action-adventure and coverage of large-venue occurrences, such as concerts and stadium sports activities, we could similarly adept at filming wedding ceremonies and other interpersonal gatherings. We also shoot specialty footage for film and tv set production companies. By combining a rich expertise and passion for technology we offer our clients with one-stop multimedia solution.

Located in Pensacola, Florida, we can be found to provide our services worldwide.


With today’s dependence on high-end cinematography and the desire to fully capture these images in platforms often exceeding high-definition, film & Tv set producers are embracing Pelican Drones. We are able to help the appearance is obtained by you & feel you wish in your creation. Pelican Drones can save you resources by avoiding costly deployment of cranes, jibs and dollies. Having the ability to fly high-end video gear possibilities become endless.. all you need to do is Wish IT!


Pelican Drones can help you have beautiful, high-resolution aerial images & videos of your brand-new development, construction building or site. Aerial images boost every month improvement marketing and studies materials and tend to be required for legalities and get accounts. Our images not only document the status of construction nonetheless they can be used to stay conflicts, avoid costly delays, and offer anyone from the project valuable information while saving time.

Hard to attain property and equipment inspections, safety inspections, tower and bridge monitoring, wind turbines, smoke etc and stacks.


Would you like to distinguish yourself from the agent nearby? Would you like your real house listing to stick out? Enter leading edge Aerial PROPERTY marketing! Our technology has the capacity to provide unparalleled, high-resolution photos & video recording of your house or property list. Birds-eye view provides great assessment of the complete estate or property that can’t be attained by typical ground photography. We provide interior videography to get that clean, beautiful high-resolution training video of the house.


High-Resolution aerial images or videos of your business to promote and website magazines can be invaluable. Provide a virtual bird’s-eye tour of your course, hotel property or corporate and business head office with amazing and unique camera perspectives. Be it an aerial view of this new professional complex, an marketing campaign or breathtaking wedding video, we may offer an innovative & fresh perspective.

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