Let’s Design Northern Valley Ep.11 – Placing the Final Skyscrapers and Towers – Cities Skylines

We’re back at it in Northern Valley to place the final skyscrapers and towers in our city. The skyline should be fairly finalized after this episode. I am not planning on adding any more tall buildings to the downtown area after this episode. That said, we do have some growables that are taller so as the downtown properties expand and become higher level we will see the city organically grow upward. This should be really interesting to watch.

Beside all of the RICO buildings that we put in, we do a lot of detail work around these new areas. There was nearly 4 hours of footage for this episode and a majority of it was detailing around the area. We still need to go back and detail around the stuff we built in the last episode but we will get to that soon. There was a lot of time spent trying to place props and plants in areas in between buildings. One key to making a city look good in this game is to fill those gaps with something that is interesting to the eye. We place a lot of parking around as well.

We’ve built our schools for the downtown area and detailed around them in this video. These schools should handle most of the capacity for downtown but we will have to monitor this as more people move to the area.

Lockwood now has a public transportation hub as well. We’ve made a depot for buses as well as taxis. We still have to go through and set up the bus lines and we should start to think about alternative public transit such as metro systems and trams. We’ll explore this in the next episode!

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