Learn Ruby on Rails – Part 1 – Project Setup and Planning

Today we kick off our series on Ruby on Rails. Over the course of this series, we’re going to be creating an application to manage recipes and generate weekly meal plans for us based on our recipes. We’re going to tackle this from start to finish learning new features of Rails as we make progress.

Start to finish includes project creation, using version control (git), and also casting a vision for our application up front so that we know that we’re building the right thing. In this video, we will create a Rails application that will run in Docker, store our source code on Github, and start laying out our project’s plan using the “Projects” feature of Github.

Blog post associated with this video: https://coderjourney.com/learning-rails-p…tup-and-planning/

Code from this tutorial: https://github.com/coderjourney/meal_plan

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/coderjourney

Intro created by Ian Zainea (http://ianzainea.com)