JESUS SAYS…DON’T throw your lot in with the NAYSAYER’s & DON’T GET DISTRACTED from Prayer ❤️

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Jesus says… Do NOT throw your lot with the NAYSAYERS & DON’T GET DISTRACTED from Prayer

November 13th, 2016 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare
Spoken by Jackie

The Lord Jesus began… “We live by faith, not by sight. What I have said, that will I do and nothing short of that. Those among you who think My arm is short and cannot accomplish what I want it to do, are thinking as man thinks, not God. Put on the mind of Christ, My people. Do not throw your lot in with the naysayers. As long as you continue to pray and offer sacrifices, My will shall be done in your nation… Not at some future date – but now.”

“Yes, I say the time is NOW. I will do wonders among people, especially the blind who have been so deep in a lethargic sleep, they cannot conceive of change. But I will change those things I have targeted that are not right. Yes, I will change them.”

“But I am looking for Gideon’s 300. The rest of you can stay home. Those of you who know Me – stand by Me and be a force to be reckoned with. Man cannot withstand Me. Satan cannot withstand Me, for there is no power on Earth or in the heavens that can withstand their Creator. I have dominion over all.”

“What I have said, I will surely do.”

“Now, that clarified – I need you to stand with Me in prayer. This is the season when Satan looses avarice and greed to draw you away from Me and the true meaning of this tradition. I charge you, My Gideon force, do not be taken by distraction. It is a rule of engagement: distract the enemy and you can defeat them. Distractions are coming. Family, holidays, celebrations – all of that must be kept to a minimum as you fight the good fight in prayer.”

“I am not saying you cannot gather with your family, but do not allow yourselves to be carried away by the spirit of Materialism, Gluttony, Acquisition and Greed. These are the demons loosed to bring you down My People. I have named them for you, take authority and renounce and bind these things from hindering you.”

“Do you understand? The enemy is planning to use this against you, to defeat you and ultimately put in grave danger your loved ones. Surely, if he succeeds, evil will overtake this country.”

“That is what has been planned for you, America. Staged riots and outbreaks of violence are being planned and even occurring as we speak. Yes, the enemy is hell-bent on destroying this administration before it takes office.”

“There is only one way this is going to happen, and that is if you get distracted and stop praying, pouring your heart out to Me, crying out to Me to save you. If you stop praying – you lose.”

“Do not allow the enemy to do this through sentimentality and greed. Every year I lose My Bride to these forces as she chases shopping malls and internet stores. Every year I must sit alone, waiting for My Bride while she shops and wraps presents. Every year.”

“Will you abandon Me now too? This is My warning to you, heavy spirits of compulsion are going to be loosed on you to draw you away from the battlefield. If you fall, call on Me immediately and I will rescue and reinstate you.”

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