How To Create Best Selling WordPress Plugin

How To Create Best Selling WordPress Plugin

Learn and practice real-world skills and achieve your goals.

Plugin Creation Blueprint is an comprehensive course created for non-developers who would like to understand the proper step-by-step methods for developing a quality WordPress plugin. The amount of content in this course is incredible. It covers initial steps like idea finding, getting it developed, all the way up to post project actions. It even includes ideas that programmers may not have thought of, like licensing and anti theft. The advice that I provides it is invaluable, which provides multiple options on steps that caters to different level of knowledge and experience.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 36 lectures and 10 hours+ of video content including P.C.B Master Workbook, Photoshop PSD Mockup Assets, Contracts & Docs example.

Plugin Creation Blueprint Module #1 – Plugin Fundamentals – In this module you will cover the basics to make sure your up to speed with the whole WordPress Plugin thing.In this module you will learn about :

Plugin Creation Blueprint Module #2 – Idea Generation and Brainstorming – In this module you will look at generating ideas for your plugin , where to look and how to find ideas :

Plugin Creation Blueprint Module #3 – Plugin Fundation and Planning – in this module they cover essential and potential functions,features and services you may use in your plugin :

Plugin Creation Blueprint Module #4 – PreDevelopment Documentation – In this module you will write-up the project brief,create a mockup and then polish the brief :

Plugin Creation Blueprint Module #5 – Contracting a Developer – in this module you will learn how to post your project,what to look for in a developer,how to accept delivery and how to test your new plugin:

Plugin Creation Blueprint Module #6 – Post Development Essentials – in this module you warp-up your plugin and make sure that you did not missanything and look at an action plan :

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