Four Percent Group Make Money Online – How To Get Paid With Affiliate Marketing! – Four Percent Group How To Make Money Online – video 3 of 5 – Your long term online success depends on creating multiple streams of income from different sources.

It’s called diversification and is what allows you to stay in business through any ups and downs. You will want to mix in monthly recurring commissions, large commission from big ticket sales and the easy smaller and medium ticket commissions from different products and vendors to your ‘portfolio’.

Create a matrix of payment from different online and offline niches where you sell real products that people actually use and need. You want to appeal to a broad market and not just limit yourself within the online marketing space.

The Four Percent Group creates opportunities in a much broader market and their sales platform allows you to plug in, automate and scale without doing the selling yourself and getting overwhelmed. The program is designed to allow total newbies to join and earn money while they learn.